The Fog Lifts

Here’s a quick photo of the fog lifting in Duluth this early afternoon. That’s the Federal Mackinac at anchor with her arms out. The weekend was full of live music, a long run on the SHT and a birthday party for my dear friend Kelly, who turns the big 3-2 today! Happy Birthday, Kelly! She’s also moving to Madison this coming weekend (with husband Jon and baby Henry) and will be sorely missed. I’ll just have to road trip it down there for a visit this summer. Madison is a pretty great city and I’m excited for this next adventure in their lives.

On the running end of things, this weekend wrapped up my last long run before the race on May 19. My friend and blossoming trail runner, Dodgeball (a.k.a Ryan), joined me to crank out an even 20 on the Superior Hiking Trail with no strange activity in the woods to report back on. A few deer and some nice agates were spotted though. That was his longest run ever and he rocked that sucker out like an old pro! It was nice to have some company on the run, as I could have seen myself ducking out early had I been alone. Everything is feeling pretty decent otherwise. I still have the usual suspects that haunt me, like my left hip/glute, but I’ll manage through those for a bit and then take a rest after the race. Also, my shoes are falling apart! It’s time to start thinking about whether or not to continue in the Inov-8 x-talons or try something new. I really like them, but they have been rubbing the outside of my big toes in a weird way and that’s kind of unsettling. Did I mention that they’re falling apart?! I noticed on Saturday that they are cracking/ripping on the outside. Strange. I’m guessing I’ve put well over 500 miles on them, so maybe it’s time.

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