Taunted by Taintor

taunt (tônt)

tr.v. taunt·ed, taunt·ing, taunts

1. To reproach in a mocking, insulting, or contemptuous manner.
2. To drive or incite (a person) by taunting.

A scornful remark or tirade; a jeer.

For those of you who know Marcus, he is the lord of taunting. In a good way though. His taunting is all done with precise and witty humor, or so I hope. He seems to have days off when the weather is extremely healthy and he let’s me know it—as I sit in my office and stare longingly out the window towards Enger Tower and dream of trail running. Here’s a snippet of some recent banter. Somehow I signed an agreement with him at some point that goes something like this, “…all taunting will be allowed unless Deb Salzer leaves work on days with favorable weather to run with Marcus Taintor and pays forward said taunting towards others with inside labor.” Now that he’s currently not working inside labor and summer just around the corner, I can only expect the tirade to continue and at even a higher caliber of taunting. Crap. This cannot bode well for my vacation days.

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