No Failure in Trying

I watched a documentary about the Badwater Ultramarathon a few years ago. It was a seed planted in my brain that made me want to start running longer distances; purely for the fact that I wanted to see what I could do. What my body and mind were capable of doing. I did my first 50k with never having done anything over 13 miles, and that 13 miles had been run years before that. In fact, after that first (and only) half road marathon back in 2006, I stopped running entirely for almost a year, because I hated it so much. Three years ago, when I decided to run my first trail 50k, I figured and hoped that my endurance would bounce back or help me out at least a little. (Prior to my adult running life, I was a collegiate distance swimmer specializing in the mile.) It seemed like a natural choice to try running longer and further than ever before. Somehow I ended up on the trails and I haven’t looked back since and I’m so grateful for that happening.

Getting back to the Badwater Ultramarathon…here’s a great video about Lisa Bliss, the first woman to complete the 135-mile course—self-supported. This video reminded me of why I started doing with I do. She’s awesome and this video is inspiring.

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