Heavy Hearted

Yesterday I got a dose of sad news. My college friend, teammate and roommate, John Green, died from injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident in Phoenix, AZ on Wednesday. He was wearing a helmet. I haven’t seen John in about 10 years, but that doesn’t make things any easier. My thoughts are filled with memories that I have of him and the laughs we shared together. I reminisced about him all through my run last night; burning up the sadness doing hill repeats in the rain (it actually turned out to be a nice run despite the fact). And I woke up early this morning with thoughts of him fresh in my mind…

I first met John on the pool deck at UWSP (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point). He was a top-notch sprinter that had transferred from Purdue. He had a quiet intensity about him and seemed like a hard nut to crack, but through my persistent goofiness and “bugging” nature, he slowly came around. He was just as goofy, but only let that side show to those who were close to him. We eventually became roommates, along with three other guys from the team. That was one of the best years of college I can remember. It was like living with four brothers, we all got along perfectly, it was so fun. John, Thad and I shared the upper level of the house we all rented. John actually lived in a room that wasn’t supposed to be used as a room, as it had no window to escape from in case of an emergency. He didn’t mind though. John loved to cook. He was always whipping up something fantastic in that tiny kitchen upstairs (he was currently working at a top end Phoenix restaurant as a chef). He introduced us to the dreaded, but delicious “Porch Crawler”; a drink that lived up to it’s name many nights in that house. He also loved music, clove cigarettes and cheese. My God, did he love cheese. He would drive 1.5 hours one way to buy a wheel of cheese from Colby, WI only to have Thad and I eat it while he was at class. He would get so mad at us! I loved when he would yell at us though, because I knew he never really meant it. I secretly think that he loved when we would rile him up. I can still hear him yelling with a hint of laughter, “SALLLZZZERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!”

My thoughts go out to John’s family and friends during this hard time. We will miss you, John P. Green.

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