Exploring Brimson

My weekend was absolutely fantastic! It started off with a longish run on a combo of snowmobile trails and roads with a great group of guys (Dave, Gregg and Dodgeball-also known as Ryan). The snowmobile trails were swampy and we had a lot of laughs as we broke through the top crust of snow into cold, icy water up to our knees and beyond in some parts. The weather was uncommonly gorgeous and within minutes, we had all stripped off a few layers. I busted out of the run at 1:30 as I wasn’t feeling good (I think the week had taken it’s toll on me), so I just hung out and chatted with Gregg while Dave and Dodgeball finished. Afterwards, I met up with Kyle for brunch and then we did a bit of shopping at Duluth Running Co. (DRC) and Andi’s Closet. DRC started selling a new kind of energy gel that I’m excited to try. They’re almost entirely 100% organic and made out of fig paste and some fruit juices. They’re also gluten and lactose free, so I’ll give them a try and see what happens. I also tried on a pair of New Balance Minimus trail shoes that I might end up getting for some shorter runs this summer.

Saturday evening I headed out to the cabin for a much needed sauna, beer and family fun time with my brother, Tom, and his girlfriend (and one of my best friends) Jenny. We hit up the sauna and took cooling off breaks beneath the stars. I went to bed that night happy and relaxed. In the morning, Tom & Otto and I took a stroll out onto the thinning ice of “Stump Lake” to do some exploring. I was a bit wigged out to say the least as the ice kept creaking and groaning with each step. There are sure signs of spring popping up everywhere in Brimson and it felt so nice to soak up the rays of a rare and toasty March afternoon. Hopefully the next time I’m out there, the lake will be open and it’ll be time for the inaugural dip! Here are some pics from the weekend:

Otto's legs.

Lilypad and rubber boot sandwich.

Melting ice and weeds.

On thin ice.

"Where's all the water?"

Signs of spring.


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