Saturday’s run and the possibilty of snow!

My plan was to take it easy in February, rest up and do some other activities. But that theory didn’t stick, as I’m not one to sit still for long. I think it’s my inner drive for some sort of adventure that keeps me doing what I do. So with that in mind, Saturday’s run turned out to be just what I needed. New terrain and trails are always an open invitation for adventure. I woke up semi-early to pound out a few miles on snowmobile trails with a group of five friends. I didn’t bother to carry water, figuring that a few scoops of fresh snow would do the trick if I got thirsty. I also brought along two gels and ended up giving one away at the turn around point to another runner, Anne. We started at the trailhead on Martin Road and followed it out of town. I had envisioned the snowmobile trail being semi-flat and straight, but it was the opposite and I was elated! I’m a sucker for hills and climbing, mainly because I think (and hope) I do well at it. The further out we got, the deeper the snow got; and as the day warmed up, the trail softened quite a bit, too. After 10 miles the running was more difficult. It felt like we were running through sand for the last five miles and the footing was a little unsteady and taxing on the stabilizing muscles. We managed to rock out a solid 15 miles in about 2:20. This was the longest run I’ve done since Coldwater, about a month ago. I think I was close to bonking on the way back with about 2 miles to go. I got really quiet and was concentrating on my footing and form, trying to keep it all together, but getting slightly frustrated all the while. Needless to say, I was happy to be done running, just for the pure fact that I was hungry.

In other news, it looks like the snow fairy is on it’s way to deliver a much needed batch of snow tonight. I’m extremely excited for this possibility. Don’t fail me now, Mother Nature. You’ll know where to find me tonight if it is truly, in fact, snowing.

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