I found my way back into the studio last night. I had managed to throw one decent looking pot on Saturday and now it was time to trim it. Trimming a pot is a really interesting and fun part of the process. Some potters do much of the shaping of a piece during this stage. It’s a satisfying feeling when you’re trimming and the strips of clay just curl right off the pot. I have a tendency to throw pots really shallow on the base and the trimming of the foot always worries me. I’ve broken right through many a pot because of this and was relieved that this one turned out just fine. After trimming, I got right to work with painting a design with black and white underglaze. The pot was/is at the perfect consistency for painting and carving away to reveal the clay beneath the glaze. For whatever reason, I’ve always been drawn to spirals and curling organic shapes. They seem to appear in many of my sketches and now my pottery, too. I got to work on a loose design idea I had in mind and went to town. I’m still figuring out how to finish it up, but here are some shots of the process thus far.

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