True Love

I never thought I could love like this. Nothing compares to the feelings that you fill me with. Your quiet intensity keeps my attention, my senses, my heart. You don’t need to say much or anything at all for that matter. I hang on your every sound, scent and feel. You listen to me complain, rejoice, vent and laugh for hours without hesitation. Your embrace is welcoming, comforting and strong. It holds me close, but it’s not constrictive. It’s freedom in all the right ways. I can get lost in you for hours that seem to fly by in mere seconds. You consistently show me things about myself that I never knew were there. You challenge me like I’ve never been challenged before. You can bring me to my knees quite quickly, but that’s only if I ignore you for a split second. You’ve lit a fire in my soul that will never die. You’ve completely captivated me. My heart is yours. I will never stray; except to pee or something of that nature. I love you, trail running.

Always and forever,

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