How’s your Big Aspen?

After taking all of last week off completely of any physical activity, yesterday’s xc-ski outing proved to be fabulous. My old stomping grounds had seen a bit more snow than the Duluth area and we were stoked to finally hit one of our favorite trails, Big Aspen. I like to run here in the summer, there are some nice climbs and the rolling terrain and lack of people make it a hidden gem. I headed out with Tom and Jenny. After only a few minutes into the ski though, Jenny wasn’t feeling it and decided to turn back and wait for us in the car. There was a fresh layer of powder covering everything and we glided effortlessly through the woods. The temps were cool, a mere 6 degrees, but we warmed up soon enough and at times it even felt warm out. It felt so good to be skiing again! I’ve missed it so much. I didn’t use my new skis yet though, but I would have been able to out there. At any rate, the skiing was still top shelf. We hit one of our favorite twisty, downhill “screamers” and it was so fun we decided to climb back up and do it all over again…hooting, hollering and eyes watering in joy the entire way.


3 thoughts on “How’s your Big Aspen?

  1. looks like fun – the kids have done a lot more skiing than me this year. I am going at a 2 year old-on-skiis pace. This early patience pays off – Zoe & Otto are doing great – enjoy those trails for me this year ~ I will be out for some lake skiing this spring though –

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