Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I had dinner with my mom and dad last night. They were in town for a bit and wanted to meet up with me to hear all about Arizona. As I was telling countless stories of the trip, they listened patiently, asked questions and laughed at some of the horror stories from the race. My mom said something at dinner last night that hit me right in the heart. She said that when she’s doing something difficult, like lugging a pack down a gnarly BWCA portage or otherwise, she thinks of me and says to herself, “If Deb can do this, so can I.” She called me her inspiration. It’s funny, because I’ve always thought the same about her when I’m doing something difficult. As a beginning competitive swimmer, my mom and I would race each other in the pool and she would taunt me to catch her. One day I did. She’s pushed me to do my best and has been my inspiration for many a year. As well as my dad, who’s been running for years and helped get me back into it a few years ago. They’re always there to root me on at local races and I bet they wish they could have been there in Arizona this past weekend. I always get a blast of energy seeing them at an aid station, both of them jumping up and down and yelling. My parents are two of the funniest and most amazing people I know. They never cease to amaze me with their sense of adventure, spirit and humor. Their level of activity and all of the adventures they get themselves into is astounding. Like riding vintage, single-speed beach cruisers through the Mexican jungle to go zip-lining. They’re top notch role models and a prime example of how I want to live my life.

Thanks, Mom and Dad! Love you both.

I read this today that helped inspire this post:
Plenty of us let the world dictate what we can and can’t do, as far as age is concerned. We work work work and let fun slip away and day by day we get a little more out of shape. One day, we can’t get in or out of our cars without grunting or pick up something heavy without complaining about back pain. But I know a handful of people who are blissfully unaware of what they “should be doing at their age.”

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