Running Long

Saturday morning found me awake earlier than normal and picking up cousin Dave for a 22-mile long run on the SHT. We were both buzzing with excitement on the ride over to Ely’s Peak. These long training runs are like a mini adventure and it’s fun to think about the distance one can cover in just a few hours. I love these long runs with Dave as well, because it gives us a chance to talk about everything under the sun. We had a lot of laughs, talked about the upcoming trip to Arizona and just had a plain old good time in the woods together. Although Dave is a much faster runner than I, he had no problem going my pace for the entire length of the run. I wish I had brought my camera, but alas, I forgot it back in the car and have no visual proof of the run. It was a beautiful day, the temps were just right and the trail was in decent condition. A few slippery spots to negotiate were mostly found coming up and down Ely’s Peak, but otherwise, it was great.

The legs have felt phenomenal since the long run (besides a super obnoxious piriformis muscle). I debated not running yesterday, but happily went out for a night run last night when Marcus called. We hit up the snowmobile trail and COGGS trails in the Piedmont area for an hour. I’m going to have to run the COGGS trails out there more often, as it was a roller coaster of fun! The moon was absolutely incredible and the views of Duluth from some of those rocky knobs out there were outstanding. It was truly a beautiful night to be out in the woods.

I’m thinking I’ll get one more longish type run in before Arizona this week, probably Wednesday. It looks like the temps will take a nosedive on Thursday, so I figure it will be best to take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather. After that, it’s all easy running until the 50k on the 21st. I’m starting to look into other cool spots to visit while in Arizona. Seeing the Grand Canyon is high on my list. Any suggestions? Here’s a link to the race, the Coldwater Rumble.

Course profile for the Coldwater Rumble 50k

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