1,069 Miles

I’ve been keeping a log of all of my running and cross-training activities on Runner’s World for the past few years. If you’re interested in doing the same, it seems to work out pretty well. I like that you can include all of your cross-training fun in it. There are a few other features, such as keeping track of your shoes and that kind of stuff, but I feel like I’m using it at it’s basic level; works for me. I don’t have a Garmin, so this total mileage is a ballpark figure. It does not include any biking or skiing miles, this tally is mostly trail and some road running. This is the first time I’ve actually paid any sort of attention to how many miles these legs of mine have traveled in a year. I’m pleased to find out that I made it over the 1,000 mile hump! I never thought in a million years that I would be running like this. Now I can’t imagine my life without it. Here’s to more miles in the new year!

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by Marcus, who today posted an aerial map of the Duluth area that outlined his running routes from 2011. All of which are brightly colored like a bag of skittles! So pretty.

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