What a good word to describe my state of mind yesterday and today. It was one of those days where events from the week finally pile up on you and all you want is a nice long trail run to get away from it all and you end up limping almost the entire run (I cut the run in half). I had run that same loop the day before, faster than normal; it felt great and almost effortless. On Sunday, in the essence of time, I decided to do my long run in the same area and add some connecting routes between Hartley, Bagley and Chester. Within a few minutes, my right leg just wouldn’t agree with what I wanted it to do and it got more painful with each step. I’m normally not the kind of girl to call it quits that easy, but maybe I’m getting smarter as I get older. Keyword “maybe.” I kept running with hopes that it would work itself out in time, but it never did, so I hobbled back to the car. It was so beautiful out yesterday and that makes me extra cranky for having a poor run. (There were/are a few other things that helped intensify my state of mind as well.) So, I took my frustrations out on the kitchen floor last night and scrubbed it clean. With a sponge. On my hands and knees. Ugh. And today, it’s warm and raining?! This weather is pissing me off, it’s December for crying out loud. That’s enough bitching out of me. Here’s hoping that the day gets better.

On a side note, I frequent trail runner Anton Krupicka’s blog Riding the Wind. This guy’s got sweet style (loving those shades). And, knowing that there’s snow somewhere on this planet makes me feel happy inside.

photo via Riding the Wind


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