The Long Weekend

It felt really, really good to stick around Duluth this weekend. I had a lot of catching up on some freelance to do and it was so nice to have a few days off and not have to be anywhere. I know I did miss a great weekend of tree decorating in the cities with my good friends Kelly and Jon and their new baby, Henry. They sent me pics of our favorite ornaments and that made me smile, but I was also bummed that I wasn’t there. I’ve got some more vacation time to burn, so maybe I will visit during one of the upcoming weeks.

After over a week of being too busy to run, I finally got back on the trails this weekend. On Friday, cousin Dave and I hit the new COGGS trails in Lester for an hour. The temps were warm and it felt great to be back in the woods again. The ground had softened during the warmth of the day and the trails were a little sloppy in some parts. At one point, I had to stop running because I was laughing so hard at Dave’s shoes. We had just run through some really sticky, red clay and his shoes were the size of dinner plates from all the mud. We had to stop and clean out the treads in our shoes with sticks after that patch of trail. After the run, we both decided it was time to get new shoes (as we walked into DRC in our stocking feet and muddy legs). The mesh and lace loops on my Inov-8s had blown out at some point this summer, so I felt it was the right time to get into a new pair. I’ve heard good things about the Inov-8 x-talon and I eventually ended up getting those. I think they’ll be a good winter trail shoe.

I wore them the next day on a trail run with Dave, Gregg and Kyle. We did 8 miles total, a mix of mostly trail and some pavement. It was cool and rainy, but we held a nice pace and the conversation made the run go by really fast. We finished the run in about 1:15 and we covered some territory: Bagley, Hartley, Amity, SHT and a cemetery full of goose poop. After the run, Kyle snuck me into the YMCA for a sauna (I posed as her sister) and then we went back to her place to eat chicken noodle soup and watch the waves on the lake. I was wishing I had a longboard that day, because the waves were just perfect! I’m sure some folks were out at the regular haunts for some Lake Superior surf. When I got home later that day I completely crashed. I think the combination of a good run, a sauna and great food made me extra sleepy.

I got out for another small run yesterday and I was a bit under-dressed; it was definitely warmer by the lake. The calves were sore from the day before and probably the new shoes too, so I just took it nice and easy. The rest of the day was devoted to freelance work, making banana bread muffins with extra chocolate chips and cleaning house (I had placed the bananas on my radiator to thaw, forgot about them and had a nice puddle of banana goo to clean). Argh!

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