East or West?

I try to go on at least one bigger adventure every summer. This is the first summer I didn’t and I’m feeling it. I took one day of vacation a week and a half ago, running through the woods, which I completely enjoyed, don’t get me wrong. There’s not too many things that top a beautiful day of trail running. But, I’m longing to go somewhere, experience something I’ve never experienced before. There’s an empty spot in my soul. Two weeks of vacation are waiting on the sidelines, like money burning a hole in my pocket. I save a few days around New Years, as we always do a cross-country skiing trip up the shore. That leaves me with about 7 days of potential freedom to do whatever I want. I’m tempted to take the car and start driving west, camping and running to my heart’s content along the way. The mountains captivate me like no other. Or, maybe I drive east? I’ve never visited that part of the country. The nomad in me is hungry for a change of scenery, if only for a bit. November is looking pretty open. Which way to go? Who’s coming with me?

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