The last long run

Yesterday, I took the day off of work to do my last long trail run in preparation for the Wild Duluth 50k, which is taking place a week from this Saturday. I had a running partner this time (I usually run by myself about 95% of the time), so it was nice to have company for the long haul. It was a gorgeous day and it felt like summer for a good portion of the run. We started down at the Bayfront and ran the Superior Hiking Trail west towards Ely’s Peak, 20 miles away. The first 3-4 miles were a steady climb right off the lake up to Enger Park. The run west is pretty much uphill the whole way, with the regular ups and downs mixed in, of course. It was only “mildly” brutal and we chugged along at an easy pace, fast hiking the ups to save our legs. It took me about 5 miles to get the calves loosened up enough to feel normal, they’ve been kinda tight this past week. The trees are coming into full force, too. In a week or so, I imagine that it’ll be like the 4th of July in the woods. And, it smells so good right now. Get out there and check it out! We only had two gels each to last us the entire run and by the end we were getting loopy. I was making sound effects as I tripped over or tried to navigate hairy parts of the trail. My running partner was mimicking me and I know we sounded like a couple of weirdos yelling in the woods. It was the perfect day for a run and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time. Here’s a couple of shots from his camera (that I also pulled off of facebook) during the run.

pine marten in a tree

action shot

Me, looking blindly at the scenery and having a horrible hair day. Around mile 20.

2 thoughts on “The last long run

  1. So you ARE doing Wild Duluth?? Awesome!! I’ll see ya there to cheer you and Bry on! I’m excited for you guys! Looks like a great last long run that you had!

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