Design Camp 2011

Things have been pretty busy on my end lately, sorry for the lack of posting the last couple of weeks. This past Friday-Sunday I found myself at AIGA Design Camp with four fellow coworkers. We stayed at this beautiful resort in Nisswa on the north end of Gull Lake. It was a beautiful weekend, sunny, low 60s and the trees were painted as bright as could be. My first workshop was an introduction into letterpress printing. We got to make our own calendars and learn more about the fine and timeless craft. I snapped this pic below of a sample letterpress piece that I thought was kinda clever.

We got in a good round of shuffleboard between workshops and speakers, drank some beer, sang some karaoke (I didn’t sing, I’m a horrible singer!) and hung out by the campfire on the beach ’til the wee hours of the morning. Saturday, found us all pretty beat, but we managed to stay awake for the speakers and workshops. The best speaker by far, for me, was Michael Osborne. He was so genuine, down to earth, funny and had a lot of poignant things to talk about. Plus, he opened his talk with a Garrison Keillor bit. That had me hooked right off the bat! Here’s some snap shots from the weekend.

Shuffleboard Mustaches

Having fun in an ice cream truck.

Taken at some point during the wee hours of Friday night.

Karaoke King

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