Diggin’ Deep

The next three weeks will be full of some hard trail running. Last week’s runs were just a tad brutal, but I’m a glutton for punishment. It’s not really punishment to me though, I’ve always liked to workout really hard and push my limits. It leaves me feeling alive. On Thursday, a group of friends and I did some hill repeats at Spirit Mtn. We topped off the run with a well-deserved beer on the chairlift as the sun sank behind us. Friday, I did a faster trail run in Hartley knowing full well that I had a long run (3.5 hrs) to do the following morning. I kept telling myself to slow it down and relax, but my body had other intentions and it felt really good to run fast, so I let it rip. Saturday was a different story. Maybe it was the terrain, too, but the legs felt sluggish at best and I couldn’t find my usual long run groove. Regardless, the miles eventually ticked away and there were some really good moments during the run, like being alone at the top of Ely’s Peak and feeling like I had the world to myself. It was one of those moments that make you fall in love with trail running all over again. (Insert a cool breeze, seeing your breath as you exhale, almost a dozen turkey vultures soaring overhead and pure silence. Bliss.) I feel like I fall in love with trail running more and more every time I go out. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sunday, I awoke to soreness in my quads, which I’m hoping is a good thing! Typically, I don’t have much soreness after a long run, but I’m guessing it’s from the hills and running fast the night before. Anyway, tonight calls for a nice, long road bike to hopefully work the kinks out. I’ll take the night off from trails and hit it hard the rest of the week. I start doing double duty this week, too! One run in the morning and one in the afternoon and more hills on Thursday. It’s time to dig deep! It’ll all pay off at my next race. I signed up for the Wild Duluth 50k again! Yee-haaawwwww!!!

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