Restless Leg Syndrome

I haven’t run a step since Saturday’s race, to let the legs recover and all. I know I should maybe take more time off, but it’s Thursday and it’s gorgeous outside and I want to run trails! And, my car is leaking oil, so I’m not going to be driving until I get that minor detail resolved. Here’s my tentative plan for this evening: bike to Lester, stash the bike, run Lester Ski Trails, COGGS Trails and maybe Amity, then bike home. Does that sound like a bit much for the first run/exercise outing after a trail marathon? The bike ride could be a nice warm-up/cool-down; it’s only a flat 4.25 miles one way. I think I’ll be okay. That which doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, right?

On a side note, another highlight from Voyageur was when my friend, Eric Hartmark, decided to run the race at the very last minute and ended up winning the whole enchilada with one of the fastest times of the past decade! What a champ!

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