A couple of rough patches recently…

Last week I went out for a short trail run and ended up tweaking something in my right ankle (around the achilles and the outside of the ankle). I went out for a run the following day thinking nothing of it and started limping within minutes. I managed to hobble along for about 30 minutes and decided to just call it quits and not overdo it. I had also ate a few too many handfuls of peanut m&m’s and had some problems with that too. Note to self: don’t eat so many m&m’s before running. I took Thursday off and Friday too. On Saturday, I headed out for my long run and everything felt really good. The ankle wasn’t sore and I was pumped. I fell twice, which doesn’t happen too often, but the first one was a doozie! I was completely sprawled out on the trail and started laughing thinking about how funny that must have looked. My knees were bloody and bruised, my hands and shirt were covered in dirt. Towards the end of the run, I could feel the ankle start to act up. I was almost done with the run, so I just ran through the annoying pain. I probably shouldn’t have pushed it like I did. The running this week has been very minimal. I’ve run about 30 minutes since that last long run and with pain. So, now I’m icing it a lot and I’ve popped a few Ibuprofen, which I don’t like to take, but there’s some swelling and stuff.

On Monday, I was walking home from work and noticed that my driver’s side mirror looked a little wonky. I knew immediately that my car has been hit…AGAIN!!! (That’s how I ended up getting this car in the first place!) As I got closer, I noticed a variety of scratches and a dent or two. I’ve only made one payment on the car. I called in another hit and run to 911 and filed a report. Now I’m trying to figure out the rest.

Needless to say, it’s been a stressful week and I’ve resorted to eating rainbow sherbert and drinking Cherry Coke. Here’s hoping that helps!

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