Back into the wild

After roughly five weeks of no car and no trail running, this past Saturday found me back on the trails. I had been dreaming about hitting the trails for weeks. I didn’t want to be a burden and ask any friends to drive me to any trails, so I stuck to the lakewalk for the most part. I did manage to hit up the Congdon Trail off the lakewalk a couple times, but that’s nothing compared to the sweet single-track I’ve come to love so much. Saturday, I thought the rain was letting up so I took a chance and paid Hartley a visit. I knew it was going to be muddy, but that’s what I love most about Hartley in early spring. It was soupy to say the least and I got drenched. The rain did not let up one iota and I ended up cutting the run short. Sunday, I went to my first love—40th Ave. W. and Haines Rd. It’s a tough, but beautiful section and by the end of the run, I was getting sloppy and could tell that I had lost my trail legs a bit. Monday, I decided on a good, solid hill run up the Lester Ski Trails onto Seven Bridges and up Amity Creek Trail. On the way back down I hopped onto the COGGS trails and then back onto the ski trails to the parking lot. I saw one woodpecker and got charged by an unusually large dog, who was just startled, according to it’s owner. Freaked me out  a bit! It was nice to finally run some hills, the lakewalk is so dang flat. It feels so good to be back in the woods, right where I need to be.

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