Kenspeckle Letterpress Studio Tour

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit and tour the letterpress studio of Rick Allen/Kenspeckle Letterpress. I’ve been thinking of getting into the world of letterpress more and more, and this was a nice glimpse into what I’ll (hopefully) eventually be getting wrapped up in. Rick was extremely inviting and very passionate about letterpress. I could have stayed for much longer just taking it all in and listening to him explain the details. Rows and rows of cases filled with type and leading made my heart leap! And, the presses—those big, cast iron beasts—silent as a laker drifting under the bridge. You’d think they would make some sort of noise, but they didn’t! How can a machine so heavy, upwards of 1500 lbs., be so quiet and smooth?!?! Swoon. So cool. It was very inspirational, to say the least. Take a peek …


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