Words for the Weekend

I read this post via INK+WIT today and it really struck a chord with me. Quality.

If power in numbers is a goal for standards, ego, power, or self gratification, it will often fail as it is solely based on one’s desire to attain more and more rather than simplify the goal of an intention or function of a thing. Often, a few friends, a few days, or a singular object can fill our hearts with supreme happiness and gratification. If we keep searching for more and more outside of ourselves and want and want we will look around one day and find nothing but material objects sitting as dead weight taking up space and our thoughts. And empty days passed without knowledge of the true self. But, if we think, choose and spend wisely based on what we really need and can use for self discovery, we will live simply and harmoniously in our life. We will be surrounded by a few things that have an intention, a purpose, and a role. Our company will uplift us not bring us down. Our bills will be in control. We will not keep taking to have more which pollutes the heart and causes us to keep wanting and wanting instead of being still and feeling content with exactly what we have now. Exactly what we might have if our house burned down. Self knowledge and experience. There is a great amount of quality in self knowledge. Self knowledge, as it is revealed to you will eliminate all wants and desires for that which does not serve you. You will live simply in a space that is purified from ego, illusion, and lack of wanting more stuff, notice, fame, name and dwell in a place of ease.  —Tara Hogan

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