Ode to Dirt

“… when the world around me is both still and buzzing with life, when I feel small and humbled and awed, when I am strong and powerful and loud, when I must stop not to catch my breath but to hold it to take in vistas visible only after having run for miles, up and up and up and up, calves straining, lungs burning, heart overflowing … that is when I am most myself.”

I found this article today and it really resonated with me, so I thought I would share a bit from it. I can’t get this trail running business out of my head! It’s with me always. Looking back, I didn’t realize how much of an effect training for and running this 50k would have on my life. I’ve done a couple of other races before, but they had no such effect on me as this one did. I knew when I first committed to running it, I was looking for something to challenge myself. I was feeling stale, in both mind and body and spirit. I needed something to “wake me up” and this was it.

2 thoughts on “Ode to Dirt

  1. That article was way cool! Thanks for sharing it. My 5K trail run in October definitely felt different than other road 5Ks I’ve done…maybe I’ve been bitten by the trail bug too…

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