Living it up at 14,433′

Taking the advice from my previous post, I hopped a jet plane with my friend, Pete, to Colorado last week to climb my first 14,000+’ peak in the Sawatch Range. Climbing a mountain has always been on my “must-do” list and let me tell you, I want to, I NEED to climb some more. Mt. Elbert also happens to be Colorado’s highest point. It’s not the scariest of the 14ers to climb, but it was a doozie! There were very minimal switchbacks beyond the treeline, so the steepness was a lot more noticeable. And as a midwestern gal living at 700′, the altitude was something to adjust to. We started hiking in the dark with headlamps and as we made our way up and out of the treeline, the sun did too. It was absolutely amazing watching the world wake up. We hit the summit approximately 4.5 hours later and were greeted by a few other groups of hikers. There were mountains as far as the eye could see!!! I was completely overwhelmed. We had a few more minutes of great views and then the clouds rolled in on us like a soft blanket. It started raining lightly, then it turned to pea-sized hail and back to rain again. The rain kept us company for almost the rest of the trip back down, but it felt so good and we were in good spirits (albiet tired) when we reached the tent.

We did some spying on the peak the day before. Mt. Elbert just right of center.

A closer look.

See that peak in the distance? That’s where we’re heading, and it’s still 3 hours away!

Wake up world!

Pete and I at the summit. Cheers to not putting off your happy life! Go live it up!

5 thoughts on “Living it up at 14,433′

  1. Hey Deb!

    I have a photo of me standing in front of Elbert!

    That’s awesome you got to climb it! I love that area of CO and can’t wait to go back. I am excited to hear all about your trip!

    Great pictures.

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