Lovely Lampshades

I love a good lampshade. Here are some really cool ones that I found recently. Talk about eye candy! These first two silk screened beauties by Dawn Bassett of LiT Shades can be found at Piano Nobile. I love anything with great typography. Those following the first two are also creations of LiT Shades. Dawn at LiT Shades combines new shades with vintage and second hand shop bases, thus creating fine looking lamps!

Here’s a different take on the lampshade. Designer Tord Boontje’s work just plain amazes me. He uses a variety of materials in the construction of his pieces like metal, paper, acetate, ribbon, cotton, silk, etc. Even when using metal, his pieces look completely wild and organic. Gotta love ’em.

One thought on “Lovely Lampshades

  1. Those lampshades look quite fantastic. The letter forms one is quite stunning. I had a dusty old normal yellow-ish lampshade that I had to spruce up with fabric paints – looks a lot less boring.

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