Design a Sock Contest

Sock it to Me is a Portland, OR based business that designs really cool and bright colored socks. I’ve really gotten into socks the last couple of years. In fact, I have on a pair of bright red, knee-highs with white diamond outlines as I type! Anywho, Sock it to Me is hosting a sock design contest. Entries are due by the end of this month (the 26th to be exact) and you can submit up to 5 designs. What will I win, you ask? How does $500 and getting your design produced on a pair of socks sound?! Awesome, I know. You can read more (rules and regulations) and download the template on their blog.

Good Luck sock designers! What will you use your winnings for? More socks?

One thought on “Design a Sock Contest

  1. Congratulations, Deb, on finally getting into socks. You have finally realized what everyone else’s feet have known for years! Good luck with the sock designing. If you win I want an autographed pair, or as shed hunters like to call them, a “matched set.”

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