Fannie Rose Candy Shop

Attention Duluthians! A new candy shop by the name of Fannie Rose is opening in Duluth. I was driving downtown Duluth this afternoon and saw a shiny new window where there once had been scaffolding the past couple of months! Doesn’t it look pretty?

Here’s where it’s at:

I wonder what kind of goodies they will have for sale? I also wonder when it opens? I’ll keep you posted when I find out the deets.

4 thoughts on “Fannie Rose Candy Shop

  1. Hello… My name is John owner of the Fannie Rose Candy Shop. We have salt water taffy but not made onsite. I am not sure what Scrumdiddlyumptious Bars are… Let me know and maybe I can find them for you. In additoin to candy, we also have popcorn made onsite, soft serve ice cream, and smoothies. Come on down and check us out.

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